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Changes are Happening!

Welcome to The Heart Beat!

Here, we are going to share empowering stories from our community, updates about what we are up to, upcoming events, ways you can get involved, and more!

All of these changes will help us expand access to resources for more people in our community.

We wanted to share how God has moved in mighty ways for our community.

Wow! What a year we have had so far, right?! The response from the community has been exceptional and the empowering support of people willing to donate has been amazing.

Hiccups! We had our website down for about 6 weeks due to a warning of possible virus detected. We had found the problem and were allowed permission via Google to have it cleared for take off again. In spite of this set back, we still were able to receive an abundance of donations and the ability to help our community via word of mouth.

Some recent changes include:

  • We recently were able to add a sidewalk in front of our property as the first step towards our new Community Building that we will be building soon.

  • Moving on, Ms. Caroline James is no longer with us. We are sad to see her leave as Camp Coordinator and what a journey we shared together. Ms. Caroline, we will miss you and treasure the fun times and past crafts and camps you set up for the kids. They will always be remembered. You will always be remembered!

  • A new Camp/Events Coordinator. With the help and guidance of Ms. Caroline and other well established volunteers, Katherine (Ms. Kat) Persinger, has been able to smoothly transition into her new role. Thanks to the planned out schedule already put in place and with a little tweaking, and I mean a little, Ms. Kat was able to host her first camp successfully. Learning the ropes at Bethel is never ending and a great way to meet the ones in need of help and their children.


Our Vision

Although changes occur, they all help us to expand our access to new resources for more people in our community.

Closer to our visions, with the sidewalk in, we can begin our next step by building our Community Building. This Community Building will intel a shopping center for almost anything you would need and some of what you would want.

Some of the next projects we are believing for:

  • A multipurpose building with a kitchen, gym, and playground

  • Camp cabins for our kids' summer camps

  • A prayer garden for those needing the peace of God

Things are coming right along as God is providing to make these visions a reality! If you would like to partner with us to serve those facing hunger and hardship, click here to find out how you can help!

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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