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Volunteers Are Greatly Appreciated!

Thank you, Rob for coming into Bethel Foundation today as a lifesaver to help us get caught up on tax exempt letters that our Wonderful Donors chose to bless Bethel Foundation with so we can continue to Bless Those In Need!!!!


Happy Retirement, Ms. Ruth!

Ruth Lofton joined Bethel Foundation 8 years ago working as a Community Center assistant with most days sorting out donated clothes for sending to Africa or for hanging clothes, helping shoppers find clothes, and also, helping to pull and stock food when needed.  Ruth still has the HEART to serve, but due to health issues, she is needing to take care of Ruth during this Season.  So, we did a Grand Farewell with a Special Luncheon with her favorite Italian Creme cake, with receiving flowers and cards and gifts.  Thank you Ruth for your Servant Heart!

Current Events

Bethel Foundation had been reviewed and soon received a phone call for the non-profit chosen to receive a monetary donation from the proceeds of a large silent auction.  Among three total non-profit organizations researched, a committee chose Bethel Foundation to receive financial donation from Oklahoma Health Information Management Association (OkHIMA).  During their 2 day conference for continuing education, Bethel Foundation received recognition and was given booth space for a silent auction to receive the proceeds from their generous fund raiser where OkHIMA, as well, had provided their own items for silent auction that was turned back around and given to Bethel Foundation. In attendance was over 250 people from all different types of health businesses where Lynda Powell, founder of Bethel Foundation, spoke during their luncheon to relay the mission of almost 20 years in service to the community in need.  Bethel Foundation was chosen due to their continued efforts to help those locally in need.  Thank you, OkHIMA for finding us and helping us to get the word out!

grey baby elephant sitting with a flower

"Spring A New One"
2024 baby shower

What a great day to enjoy each other's company, some babies and lots of stories, games, food and gifts!

Kids Camp projects
the best nonprofit
Taberek Abddrahanan 8yrs birthday
scholarship recipient 2015
the best nonpprofit

Providing food and essential items to Oklahomans in need.

In Oklahoma alone, 1 in 6 people live below the poverty line.

And this was back in 2019. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, prices have gone up across the board: gas, name it. This is squeezing families across America who are already living paycheck to paycheck.

We're here to help.

How your donations helped in 2023

groceries, food


Received Food and Clothing

birthday gifts


Birthday Celebrations


family groceries and food


Received Household Goods

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Received Adoption for Christmas Gifts

Bethel in the media!

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