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March Winds bring April "Baby" Showers.  We decided that we needed to pour into our mothers-to-be who are 6 months pregnant or longer or may have children up to 10 months old.  We are hosting a baby shower in your honor and fathers, too.  We will have a gift for every single mother or single father who signs up and are present at the baby shower.  If you have a specific need, place information somewhere on the questionnaire. 


If you are a parent who would like to attend, please fill out the form by clicking the red button below and email to or bring it in to our office. See you there!




If you are a person or agency who would like to donate items for the shower, car seats, strollers, baby bags, furniture, bedding, lamps, wall art or decor, newborn to older baby clothing or maternity clothing, etc. for our baby shower, please bring it in and  say it is 'for the baby shower only' for proper distribution. We appreciate your help! 

Call for more details at 405-286-3700.

Friday, April 19th, 12 noon to 2pm. 
You must RSVP to attend.
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Providing food and essential items to Oklahomans in need.

In Oklahoma alone, 1 in 6 people live below the poverty line.

And this was back in 2019. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, prices have gone up across the board: gas, name it. This is squeezing families across America who are already living paycheck to paycheck.

We're here to help.

How your donations helped in 2023

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Received Food and Clothing

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Received Adoption for Christmas Gifts

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