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About Bethel

The Issue

It may be hard to imagine if you've never been there, but too many members of our local community go hungry. 1 in 7 to be exact, and it's even worse for children, a whopping 20% of Oklahoma's children endure hunger regularly. That's not OK with us.

1 in 7 People

Sadly, Oklahoma helps lead the nation in food insecurity and hunger. Not statistics we are proud of. We believe we can make a meaningful difference in our community by providing free food, clothing, and necessities to those facing challenging times.

Our Programs

Community Center

The heart of our mission is the community center, where we provide free food, clothing, and essential household goods to the community. We are open to families who are in need, and we do not charge them a dime to receive groceries, clothing, and household goods.

food for the community
birthday club

Birthday Club

When people are in times of crisis and struggling to put food on the table, there isn't money for things like birthday cakes and presents for the kids. We alleviate the burden from the parents we serve by providing a free birthday cake and awesome presents to all kids in our birthday club.

Angels for Kids

Our Angels for Kids program allows donors to sponsor a child or family for Christmas. This program seeks to ensure that all children who celebrate Christmas receive a gift, which is usually a lot!

angel for kids
kids camps

Free or Low Cost Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way for kids to get out and explore, learn new skills, make new friends, and create lasting memories. We provide free or very low-cost camps to the community and anyone who desires may attend.

Scholarship Program

The Grace Scholarship program funds single moms wanting to go to college to pursue a bachelor's degree.

scholarship program

How You Can Help

The need of the community is constantly growing in these challenging times. Help us expand our outreach by donating today! Your gift will make a meaningful difference by helping to ensure that no Oklahoman goes without food and basic necessities.

Community Center Info
Kids Programs

Our Impact

Community Center Growth

Last year, alone, we fed and clothed over 114,000 people; provided birthday cakes and presents to over 2700 children; held summer camps to over 300 kids; gave out household items and appliances to over 6300; and ensured that 525 children did not go without Christmas presents.

From the beginning, our goal has been to give people the help they need to survive and thrive. Since 2017, the need from the community has grown significantly. We are currently facing unprecedented times and the needs of the community continue to grow.

community in need

Program Outreach

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