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Providing for the people of Oklahoma and beyond

Since 2004, the Bethel Foundation has existed as a vessel for God to provide for those in need. We take in donations, process them, and give then back out to anyone who needs them, for free. From our kids' camps to our car program, from clothes to food, our mission is to give more than we receive.

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Our Story

Our founder, Lynda Powell, was a single mom with two kids. Back then, welfare had only a three-month expiration date for you to "get your act together".  In turn, she took on three jobs, just to pay for food and rent. At the darkest moment in her life, she cried out to God and promised that if He got her out of this hole, she would devote her life to helping single moms.

Many years later, in 2004, Bethel Foundation started with its first Angels For Moms Christmas program. For years, our programs were solely focused on meeting the needs of single mothers. Then in 2013, Moore was demolished by the EF5 tornado. Hundreds of families who were left without homes came to us for food and clothing. This was the turning point for Bethel, and now we serve anyone who walks through our doors.

In the coming years, we plan to develop our land with a new warehouse, camp cabins, a multi-purpose building, and a prayer garden. Please consider donating, and partner with us to provide for those facing hunger and hardship!

Our Story

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