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Birthday Club

Every child deserves a little something on their special day! This club is for children of single parents and includes a gift and birthday cake or cupcakes!

More Details

This birthday club is for children of single parents only. You will need to be fully registered with Bethel before applying. Learn how to register here.

After registering with Bethel, you will fill out this form below, which is an overview of what your child is interested in (sports, TV, hobbies, etc.) so that we may better pick out a gift for your child.

You can either email, mail, or bring the completed form to Bethel.

Please call our staff to schedule a time to pick up your child's gift.

On the child's birthday, you will come by the office, and they will receive their gift, plus a cake (or cupcakes). We will take a photo and may use it on our website.

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