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Cars for Moms

Our car program is an opportunity for single mothers to own a working vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

More Details

Currently, this program is for single mothers with children only. 

You will need to be registered with Bethel before requesting.  Here's how to get registered.

After you are registered, make a request via our email by texting (405)-831-5490. You will need to provide your name, email, and phone number.

IF APPROVED:  before getting the car, you will need to pay for 6 months of liability insurance for the vehicle. You will also be responsible for transferring the title over to your name, and the fees that come with that process.

Once you have provided us with proof of payment for the 6 months of liability insurance and the title has been transferred, we will then set up an appointment for you to pick up your car! 

The car will have been professionally diagnosed, repaired, if necessary, and will come with a full tank of gas!

Please note, however, that cars are based on availability and you will most likely be put on a waitlist.

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