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Thank you for an enormous blessing!

What's Your Story

We hope you were blessed this Christmas and believe God has worked in many ways in helping you and your family this year.  We can't control the joy and laughter and gratefulness you may feel this Christmas, but we can help to provide a Christmas, hopefully one to remember and enjoy. 


Many Angels for Kids have come through again this year and we are so thankful.  If you have enjoyed your gifts, remembering that the adoptee has an option to get all requested gifts, some of what was on your children's list or they may choose to get gifts more congruent to the budget they have to help, please let us know in the comments below so we can ensure more gifts to come for more in need next year.  Some of your comments will be published.  Thank you!

Just a few families our Angels for Kids helped assisted this year...

Christmas 2023 Gallery

My Blessings Story

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