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Nuestros servicios

Cada programa que ofrece Bethel surgió de las necesidades de nuestra fundadora cuando era madre soltera. Incluso tener tres trabajos no siempre era suficiente para pagar la cuenta del supermercado, mantener el automóvil o comprar regalos de Navidad para sus hijos.

Get Started

How to get started:

Step One

Get Registered.

First time visitors may receive food or clothing. You must register and you are only required to provide a photo id, passport or drivers license. 


To receive additional services, upon being fully registered, you must provide all required documentation.

How to fully register -

Compile all of the following documentation:

  • Current Photo ID

  • Birth Certificates OR Social Security Cards for EACH PERSON all living in the home (spouse, children, etc.). Only the people whose papers you provide will be able to receive our services.

  • A copy of your lease OR a current utility bill to verify your address. Don't have either? Click Here.

  • Proof of income. This can either be food stamps, your latest two paychecks, or disability.   

Step Two

Scan all of your required documents listed above onto your computer or use your phone to upload pictures of your documents on the online form linked below.  


Make sure to ADD EACH person in your household who needs assistance AND to upload their necessary documentation (listed in Step One) into the online form linked below.

Step Three

Click the link Register Here below for the online form. 

Completely fill out all available information.

Upload ALL requested documentation.

*After completing the form, press the option to have it emailed to yourself.  Open your email you then receive from Bethel which will include ID bar code.  Take a picture or screenshot of  your ID bar code. This will make it easier to present your ID bar code during check in when you arrive at our office. 

If you are unable to upload the requested documents, please email them to  OR bring them with you on your visit to Bethel. 

More Details

Every three years, you will need to reregister as if it were your first time again and bring the same paperwork as listed above.

You do not have to be registered to sign up for our kid's camps.

If you want to receive a Thanksgiving meal, you must be fully registered by October of that year. Applications are accepted the first two weeks of November only.

If you want to sign up for our Angels for Kids Christmas program, you must be fully registered by the end of July of that year.  Sign-ups are accepted for three months: August, September and October only. 


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