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Our Services

We are here to help anyone who needs assistance!

Every program Bethel provides was birthed from the needs of our founder when she was a single mom.  While working three jobs, Lynda was struggling to pay the grocery bill, keep the car running and buy birthday gifts and Christmas presents for her kids.  Through prayer and petition, Lynda was able to pull herself out of the struggle and has devoted her life to helping other people and families who are facing hard times. 

Our Services

Kids Camps

Families!  Do you have kids bored at home from school during seasonal breaks or summertime?  We have a spot for your child to grow, learn, discover truths about God and themselves.  It's a great place to meet and develop friendships.  Parents can rest assured their kids are in a safe, fun place. You can register any time of the year, but hurry!  There are limited spots available!  Click here for our Calendar. Breaks are for the dates of the Oklahoma City School District.

See picture below to get registered.

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